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Teeth Whitening in Mississauga

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Teeth Whitening Services in Mississauga - Dentistry by Dr. Isaac Gabay

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The Procedure of Teeth Whitening

One of our professional Mississauga dentists will provide you with the best whitening options after consultation and manage the follow-up to avoid complications. During your first consultation, our dentist will complete an assessment to determine the best teeth whitening option for you. We do this to avoid complications that may arise with your teeth in the future.

The method we use for teeth whitening is called "Zoom whitening". Zoom whitening consists of 1 appointment which usually takes about 2 hours Our Mississauga dentist will record the shade of your natural teeth and decide how to get the best results. During this process, we will use a retractor to keep away your cheeks and tongue from the whitening solution. You will then be placed under a UV light for each session.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a popular treatment solution for many of our patients in Mississauga. Some of the benefits of teeth whitening include that it:

  • Offers a bright smile
  • Improves your self-esteem
  • Makes your mouth healthier
  • Improves your oral hygiene
  • Is affordable

How to take care of your teeth at home after a teeth whitening procedure?

When it comes to teeth care after undergoing a tooth whitening treatment, certain important things will need to be considered.

Teeth Whitening in Mississauga - Dentistry by Dr. Isaac Gabay

Who is teeth whitening for?

Patients with few or no fillings or with no gum disease are the most suitable candidates for Tooth Whitening. People who are not eligible for teeth whitening usually include the following:

Teeth Whitening in Mississauga - Dentistry by Dr. Isaac Gabay

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