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When deciding on whether to perform an extraction the dentist is usually referring to impacted wisdom teeth. This can lead to discomfort, inflammation, infection, and even decay caused by the tooth growing into the mouth and pushing against other teeth. In cases like this, the dentist will most likely extract the wisdom teeth.

But when it comes to extracting other teeth in the mouth, here at Dentistry by Isaac Gabay, we will do everything we can to save the tooth before exploring extraction. If the tooth has been traumatized, is badly decaying, or there is excessive bone loss around the tooth due to periodontal disease and the tooth is very loose the dentist will consider extraction to preserve the health of the teeth surrounding it, as well as your entire mouth.

What is involved in extractions and wisdom teeth removal?

Extractions and wisdom teeth removal surgery is an outpatient procedurethat will be performed by the dentist. This process aims to remove the wisdom teeth at the back of the mouth. The wisdom teeth removal process ensures that the surrounding teeth and bones are not damaged.

The extractions and wisdom teeth removal will be carried out in the dentist’s office. Usually, your dentist will recommend this procedure when serious dental issues are expected for your regular teeth, as a result of your wisdom teeth.

What is the extraction and wisdom teeth removal procedure like?

This process is simple and typically not painful. Your dentist will first inspect your mouth and take an X-ray to locate the wisdom teeth. While the patient is under anesthesia, the dentist cuts into the gums to expose the teeth and bone. A local anesthetic is very effective in avoiding the feeling of any pain throughout the procedure. Then they will remove the teeth, either as a whole tooth or in pieces. Once the removal has been completed, the dentist takes care of the extraction site to control bleeding by adding stitches to close up the area. Your dentist will then choose the specific pain relievers and/or anti-biotics depending on the post-procedure requirements of each individual.

Benefits of extractions and wisdom teeth removal

Extracting wisdom teeth can provide several benefits for your oral health:
It ensures fewer orthodontic issues in the future
It prevents tooth shifting
It prevents damage to teeth close to the wisdom teeth

It helps prevent oral disease and infection

It lessens headache, prevents potential tumors, and jaw damage

How can you take care of your teeth at home after wisdom teeth extraction?

It can take from 1-2 weeks for your oral health to fully recover from a wisdom teeth extraction. During this healing process, there are some important care tips to keep in mind:
Do not rinse your mouth vigorously
Do not drink through a straw and avoid alcoholic beverages
Do not brush your teeth next to the extraction site
Evade intense activity for a week after the surgery
Avoid smoking
Make sure to get enough rest for the first few days after the extraction

Who is a wisdom teeth extraction service for?

The wisdom teeth are usually the last teeth to grow that often break out between the ages of 17 and 25. Some people may not have any issues with the growing-in of wisdom teeth. However, you may be the right candidate if your dentist assesses that your wisdom teeth need to be removed to prevent serious oral health problems.

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